Daily B: Blowout

The details are still fuzzy, but it appears that Sam and Britney had a falling out outside of Britney’s home a few hours ago. Adnan was called and attempted to enter the premises, but was denied. As Britney sat crying and playing with her dog London, another paparazzo/friend Felipe drove up and scooped her out of the situation. She is now headed toward Beverly Hills. No word on what they’re up to, but I can’t imagine it’s anything promising.

I’m assuming the blowout was due to Britney’s association with Adnan. Who can she trust? No one.

EDIT 1: The situation has gotten worse, and Britney has somehow returned home. With her are her parents. She has not seen her mother in over a year.

EDIT 2: Britney has somehow wiggled her way out of the home, and into Adnan’s car. They’re now Bonnie and Clyding it out of there on the freeway at 100 MPH, according to x17.

EDIT 3: Now that more time has passed, details have arisen regarding the fight. It seems the police were called because of the swarm of paparazzi, and for no other reason. Additionally, the picture evidence suggests it was Sam fighting with Britney. This image of Sam’s phone has surfaced, allegedly a conversation between Sam and Adnan.

Photo courtesy of Hollywood TV, as well as news reporting from ONTD.

Synth It Up

Synth It Up

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The Other Kylie Single

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