A Point For Norway, Yet Again.

You guessed it, further proof that all music released from Norway and Sweden is perfect.

Pegged as the new Britney, Madonna, and reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Annie released her brilliant Anniemal back in 2004 after collaborating with creator of all things pop, Richard X. The album was quite exciting and full of crunchy electro-pop hits, especially the hypnotizing, “Heartbeat” and taunting “Chewing Gum.” Even Pitchfork liked it, and you know they hate everything. Sadly, she’s been diddling around and doing a whole lot of not releasing follow-up albums, which is pissing me off. However, listening to Anniemal again after nearly a year is almost as exciting. That, and she re-designed the homepage with a drippy new logo after signing with Island Records a few months ago. The Wikipedia says she’s releasing her follow-up in spring of 2008, with a new single debut on her Myspace in late January. I seem to have a habit of posting about the stars that never release anything right before they decide to release something.

Anyway, here are some samples to tide yourselves over through this ongoing drought:

DL: Annie – Chewing Gum
DL: Annie – Me Plus One
DL: Annie – Heartbeat (Incorrectly labeled “My Heartbeat” in iTunes.)

Buy the essential Anniemal at Amazon.

And you, what do you think?

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold


No More Leotards.

No More Leotards.

According to the Madonna Fanzine forums, the shooting for the new single

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