Daily B: Britney Recording With Naughty Boy For Album 8…And William Orbit?

The producer list for Britney‘s Album 8 just keeps getting bigger. The list is getting big-gah.

During an interview with Capital FM over the weekend, UK songwriter Naughty Boy revealed that he’s planning to cut some tracks for the Holy Spearit’s upcoming record (working title: Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner) — alongside William Orbit.

From Capital FM:

“Britney Spears might be coming soon. William Orbit who’s producing some [of her new album], they’re coming down to the studio, him and Britney to work together with me. It sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to work with her but I’d love to do something a bit different.”

For those somehow unaware of his legacy, Orbit is best known in the pop circle for crafting Madonna‘s 1998 Kabbalicious masterpiece Ray of Light, as well as the standout tracks on 2012’s MDNA, including “Love Spent,” “Masterpiece” and “Gang Bang.”

This isn’t the first time his name’s been attached to a Queen B project, though: For those who followed along during the making of 2011’s Femme Fatale, you’ll remember that the legendary producer crafted at least one song with “Piece of Me” producer Klas Åhlund at Dr. Luke‘s writing camp.

However, it didn’t make the cut for the album’s final tracklisting, resulting in a revealing, semi-unintelligible drunken Twitter rant detailing the situation. For now, we can only pray the song eventually sees the light of day. Someday (we will understand)! Unless, wait: Was MDNA‘s “Some Girls,” which was co-produced with Klas, the song he originally wrote for Femme Fatale? Hmm…

B fans everywhere have been calling for a Spearitual Ray Of Light for years now — something we’ve been promised, but never actually delivered. However, if executive producer will.i.am‘s intentions are true, we’re going to get something a little more personal (raw) with Album 8. Basically, Orbit really could happen this time.

But let’s not forget to sing the praises of Naughty Boy too! He’s been on the up-and-up ever since he struck gold with the UK’s latest breakout belter, Emeli Sandé, having co-written and produced nearly all of her debut record Our Version of Events, including “Clown” and “Daddy.” He also co-crafted Leona Lewis‘ “Trouble,” as well as RiRi‘s rih-freshing Unapologetic bonus track, “Half Of Me.” He’s great — I could see a real big belter of a ballad coming out their sessions together, “Where Are You Now?” style.

All very promising stuff. Carry on, Miss Spears!


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