Wallpaper: Do It 2 Me

T-Pain? Meet the T REX EP from Wallpaper. Or, at least, the producers in charge of your cherished Auto Tune plug-in.

Strutting into the airwaves with a shiny pair of glitter shades and a crunchy rock sensibility, Wallpaper has performed with such acts as LCD Soundsystem, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, and Girl Talk. Now, the duo is returning to the scene with a glossy reinvention of their original EP, T REX RMXd, due out on Dec. 23. The album features rehashed, super smashed stylings of the original tracks from their debut. Judging by what I hear, I’m quite pleased. New act to look for in ’09? Me thinks it’s possible.

Now you know, there’s a time and a place for poignant lyricism within my pop…This isn’t one of them. “Everytm We Do It” is an all-out stomper of a sex anthem to begin with, but the RAC Maury remix of the original track provides that extra stereo slap with some additional computer crushed vocal stylings, rock hard guitar riffs, and glittering synth stutters…Get on this!

DL: Wallpaper – Evrytm We Do It (RAC Maury Remix)

Check out the band at their MySpace here, or look for their releases on iTunes.

M83: Late Night Majesty

M83: Late Night Majesty

I’m not sure if everyone already noticed, but the final beautiful moments

Daily B: Circus, Realized.

Daily B: Circus, Realized.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the perfection known as the Circus single

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