Well, this is the new single for Moby’s upcoming album Last Night, called “Alice.” I wouldn’t begin listening to “Alice” expecting it to be representative of the album’s overall sound. From the megamix, it sounds like each song brings a different sound and genre to the table. Here we have some pensive, free flowing rap paired with a dull, thumping electronica beat. You know, it’s even slightly reminiscent of a down-tempo Kanye West song or something. Regardless, it’s not my favorite, but I know it’s meant to represent a mere portion of the more dance-oriented final product, so take it with a grain of glitter.

DL: Moby – Alice

And you, what do you think?

Idol’s Kiss of Death

Idol’s Kiss of Death

Seems that the dreaded American Idol title carries continues into the new year,

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold


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