Daily B: Oh, Fuck Me.


It’s official. After leading in the fan favorite polls for months now by major percentages, the third single has been selected. Get ready to get nasty ladies and gentlemen, because the third single from Britney SpearsCircus shall be…”If U Seek Amy.”

It had to be done…It’s another Britney classic, isn’t it? Though I’ll never truly get over the bitter loss that was the forgotten “Radar” release, (as well as the missed opportunities in “Toy Soldier,” “Freakshow,” and, well…who am I kidding? The entire Blackout album as a whole), it’s finally time for B to begin putting the spotlight on a proper corker.

So gather up your colleagues, let them in on the naughty double meaning before the public catches wind, and let the skanktastic preteen anthem of 2009 commence!

To celebrate the occasion, I’ve included a FABULOUS hands-in-the-air, raving remix of “Circus” from MuuMuse favorite, Robin Da Hood. It’s the best one yet, so please enjoy–I know I am!

DL: Britney Spears – Circus (Robin Da Hood Remix) (Mediafire)

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