Returning Home…

First of all, I’d just like to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday! I spent the day in NYC, and I’m completely exhausted. It looks like it was a slow news day while I was gone. Well, except for Britney.

Though it should be expected by now, the three-ring circus that is Britney’s life continued on in its usual bizarre fashion today. Earlier today, Britney was discharged from the hospital after only 36 hours. Whether that was the her own decision or that of the hospital is still unknown. More ridiculously, Oprah’s man-slave Dr. Phil paid Britney a visit for a little while as she packed to go home with her father. The good doctor also released a statement, confirming his belief that Britney is in need of psychological intervention. People Magazine also confirms that Dr. Phil advised Britney to stay at the hospital, and that leaving was one of “the worst decisions that could have been made.” Curiously, Dr. Phil just so happens to be shooting an episode on Monday devoted to Britney’s downfall. I can’t even recognize who’s selling out who anymore. Here’s hoping that Britney’s own father will have the ability to save her life…

On a brighter note, I pulled into the driveway tonight to find Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album, GUILTY, waiting for me the mailbox! I’ll write up a proper review tomorrow morning when I can think straight.

And you, what do you think?

It’s Birthday, Bitch.

It’s Birthday, Bitch.

Well, today’s my birthday!

M.I.A. + Marc Jacobs

M.I.A. + Marc Jacobs

I saw these a few weeks ago, but I know there’d be some people who were

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