The Incredible Debut of Nikki Williams: “Kill, Fuck, Marry”


Meet newly signed Chameleon/Island Def Jam artist, Nikki Williams.

The 23-year-old South-African songstress was signed in September of 2011 after penning “Fly Away” for Country Strong, as well as co-writing “Like My Mother Does” for Idol‘s Lauren Aliana. And judging by her Twitter, she’s been in the studio with Darkchild too.

“Kill, Fuck, Marry,” which was co-penned by Sia and Stargate,, is the first taste of a tune from Ms. Williams–and judging by this song, she’s instantly become my Most Anticipated Artist of 2013.

First of all, that voice alone: She’s an absolute powerhouse! She sort of reminds me of Clare Maguire‘s major chops, with Lana Del Rey‘s quivering conviction, with a little bit of Miley/Demi gritty twang on the side. Major pipes, major control–I’m totally blown away. Chills!

The track itself is massive; a gut-wrenching ode to a crazy love set atop dreamy electronica, a tripping beat and a subtle piano melody, all sung by a self-professed loon. “Kill, fuck, marry are the things I want to do to you,” Williams declares. It’s one of the best of 2012, easily.

I mean, those lyrics: Are you kidding me, Sia? “I don’t scare you, and that is all I need to keep me from a padded cell.” Also: “Passion feeds lust when the trust is questioned, and the going gets tough when the pain is lessened.” Pure poetry.

The video is essentially Marina And The Diamonds’ “Radioactive” meets Lana Del Rey‘s “Ride” meets Sky Ferreira‘s “Sad Dream” video, in that it’s a very nostalgic Americana throwback of motorcycles, gun slingin’ and motel slummin’ in heartland America. (And since I already know how y’all operate: The guy in the video is Austin Sanderson. Go ‘head, stalk him.)

I’ve been effectively killed, fucked and married twice over. Listen immediately and love endlessly.

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