Let’s keep this one short and to the point, now shall we? Unlike her Korean albums, BoA’s past Japanese albums have a presence within my playlist for approximately three days. Unfortunately, This album is no exception. Her vocals are top notch, the production is ace, and the beats are certainly phat, if you will. But there’s something so agonizingly constructed about this type of music that immediately loses its appeal within a few plays. It’s formulaic, repetitive, and certainly unmemorable.

As far as the dance tracks are concerned, the major highlights include “AGGRESSIVE,” “Style,” and “Girl In The Mirror,” which is disappointingly not a cover of Britney’s ballad from the glory days of yesteryear (1998.) Don’t get me started with the ballads, which are all truly stereotypical, recycled material at their finest.

Don’t get me wrong; this album is far from flop. It’s better than MADE IN TWENTY (20), but I’m still not following. Maybe her heart is no longer into the music? It’s frustrating…I cannot put my finger on what’s wrong.

I initially wondered if I’m gradually breaking away from my J-Pop, but I don’t think that’s the answer (Case in point: Utada.) BoA and Ayumi are just disappointing me. Heavily. They’ve been fit into these specific song structures, and I cannot differentiate their music any longer. Go experimental, ladies…I know you can do it.

I’m posting two songs from her latest Japanese effort, THE FACE, and two random songs off of her latest Korean album, Girls On Top. J-/K-Pop enthusiasts and Non-J/Non-K-Pop-…too many hyphens, I’ve confused myself. Non-enthusiasts, listen to the tracks and tell me if you spot a difference in quality and/or groovability.

DL: BoA – Girl In The Mirror

DL: BoA – Girls On Top
DL: BoA – Moto

Daily B: Settled

Daily B: Settled

The results are in from today’s hearing

Róisín Murphy 1, Heidi Montag 0

Róisín Murphy 1, Heidi Montag 0

Róisín Murphy!

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