Dames and Lads

And now for something completely different…the Artic Monkeys covering Shirley Bassey! It’s something we can all love and adore. The band covered the song during their performance at Glastonbury ’07, and now they’ve released the live recording of the song. It’s like listening to Shirley Bassey covering someone equally preposterous…I don’t know. Someone unrelated…like Pink. Hahahaha. Wait, what? Oh…never mind.

It’s quite a nice cover, really. Listen to it here!

DL(Right-click, save link as): Arctic Monkeys – Diamonds Are Forever

Young Talent Time

Young Talent Time

Now I’m not one to lecture about a pop star’s vocal prowess, but

She Still Makes Me Want To La La.

She Still Makes Me Want To La La.

I’m so, so, sorry, but I just can’t resist

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