She Still Makes Me Want To La La.

I’m so, so, sorry, but I just can’t resist. It’s too addictive! Yes, everyone’s already posted it, but fuck ’em. It’s Ashlee’s second single, “Little Miss Obsessive”, which is a severe downer compared to the LSD trip that was “Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)”. She’s not a real artist, she’s a product of today’s consumerist driven society in a need for manufactured pop music to generates sales in a suffering musical economy, etc. etc. Now click below to listen!

DL (right click, save link as): Ashlee Simpson – Little Miss Obsessive

And while we’re at it, to the left is the new promo for the upcoming album Bittersweet World. What do you suppose she’s thinking here?

I’m guessing: “So this is what my ass sounds like on the radio? …I’m intrigued.”

Or maybe she’s thinking “. . .” Probably the latter.

Dames and Lads

Dames and Lads

And now for something completely different…the Artic Monkeys covering

Danity Dolls

Danity Dolls

Oh, dear MuuMuse, how I’ve neglected you!

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