Danity Dolls

Oh, dear MuuMuse, how I’ve neglected you! I’ve just had so many things to do and well, you know how these things can be, and…well…I–I hope you understand and forgive me. What? No, it’s not something you did. I’ve just had so many thin–WHAT? NO, IT’S NOT ANOTHER BLOG! We’ve been through this! I wouldn’t publish anyone but you, and you KNOW this! Don–DON’T GIVE ME THAT. No. Stop crying. We’re going to work through this, WE’RE GOING TO BE OKAY. Together. You and I. Together, we will prove to the world that one small gay Jewish man with a severely questionable taste in music and one Blogger-founded blog will bust through the mean streets of this dirty, cold-hearted city and ONTO THE STARS. Our names shall be in LIGHTS all across the Manhattan skyline, darling!

I know the perfect way to make things right again between us. Yes, really. How about a little….Danity Kane? See! There we go, baby…I knew you’d come around for those trashy ol’ slut bags!

DK5, as they’re famously known to myself and myself only, had themselves a little leakage of sneak peek clips and such, and I’ve taken the liberty of sneak peek posting them. Take a clicker to them and holla back.

Did she really just throw in “Maybelline” in that first line? Oh, it doesn’t even fucking matter! The beat more than makes up for the obvious-as-shit lyrics. It’s a little bit Nelly Furtado at her finest on Loose, except a little better. This is going to be a hot song, despite Puff Dingle’s introduction. Listen to this track. It’s like the COP’S theme for the new generation! That little clip after the chorus (“I can be your addiction…”) is a lot like Ayumi Hamasaki‘s “Ladies Night”, as well. So obviously this here song is perfection.

DL: Danity Kane – Bad Girl (Clip)

Yes, Diddy, I often think of Danity Kane as the multi-cultural New America as well. No girl group has ever gone there before, you know…mixing cultures and races. Well, there was short lived pop group from the ’90’s…The Spice Girls, I believe they were called. But they died out after a year, and rightly so, so that doesn’t count.

The song’s fairly standard ballad, but a bit better than usual. Oh, do yourselves a favor and watch out for that line in the first verse that starts “In the bathroom taking sh…” Catches me off guard each time. Yes, it’s “showers,” but you never know really. They said they wanted to make the second record more personal…

DL: Danity Kane – Poetry (Clip)

It’s a Justin Timberlake beatbox background that makes up this twisted-cabaret, Pussycat Doll’s “Buttons” rip-off. But honestly, if any song has the audacity to live up to the pain inflicting guilt-filled pleasure that “Buttons” served the community, then I’m all for it.

DL: Danity Kane – Striptease (Clip)

In all seriousness, this is shaping up to be a VERY strong release. It seems as though Diddy’s actually taking the project seriously this time around, and not fucking them over for his own failed solo “dance” effort. That or Audrey finally figured out how to get him going in bed.

She Still Makes Me Want To La La.

She Still Makes Me Want To La La.

I’m so, so, sorry, but I just can’t resist

This Is It

This Is It

Finally, it’s here!

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