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Finally, it’s here! The full version of Madonna‘s new single, “4 Minutes To Save The World,” ripped from an entirely obnoxious French radio station. The link won’t last forever, so get it while it’s hot!

P.S. The song is basically a whole lot of noise compiled on top of a few blaring horns. It’s got a pretty fluid beat chugging, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. I can’t tell for sure…the radio rip is not of proper quality. And according to fan headquarters (Drowned Madonna), the song really is called “Four Minutes” now, making it that much less cooler than it should be.

Am I the only one that believes Justin sounds so much better than Madonna on the track? Sad, but true. She’s hardly on her own song! The only thing she owns is the “tick tock” part, but she used that on her last album. Try, try again your Madgesty.

DL: Madonna (ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) – Four Minutes (French Radio Rip)

Thanks to an anonymous comment, I can now post the HQ version of the song. Not that the superior quality helps in any way. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but honestly…it’s Madonna. This song should be setting the bar, not striving to reach it. That’s the Madge difference.

DL: Madonna (ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) – Four Minutes

Credit to PopMusicKingdom for the track!

Danity Dolls

Danity Dolls

Oh, dear MuuMuse, how I’ve neglected you!

Chilly Primates

Chilly Primates

A follow up on that Arctic Monkey’s post from a few days ago…it

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