Electro: Now With Feeling

I don’t know that much about The Long Blondes (yet), but I do know that they can produce a tune. The new single off of their spankin’ new album Couples is called “Century,” and it’s a bit of Allison Goldfrapp making sweet love with the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer. More accurately, “I Feel Love” + Gwen Stefani‘s vocal acrobatics + Goldfrapp’s Supernature + Ladytron‘s lyrical style. It swoops from chilled to chaos, but breaks before all out madness ensues. The lead singer reminds me of Deborah Harry. Judging from a spattering of surface research, I’m falling head over heels with the band’s dynamic. They claim not to listen to the Beatles and list producers (Stock, Aitken, and Waterman), more affectionately known as S-A-W, as one of their influences.

Sign me up! I’ll be back for more from them. For now, listen to the single. I’m in love (woo), I’m in love.

DL: The Long Blondes – Century

Alright, I can’t stop there. I’ve had myself a listening of their first album. It took ten seconds of “Once And Never Again” to have my internal jaw dropping. It wasn’t enough to make me literally open my mouth in astonishment, but my heart did briefly flutter. Or that was a palpatation, in which case a visit to the doctor may be in order. That being said, it’s nothing like the second album’s focus, but I love the song nonetheless. And how smart-ass are those chorus lines? “Nineteen / You’re only nineteen, for God’s sake / You don’t need a boyfriend.” Bitches!



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