It’s Ravey, Bitch.

Raven-Symone is a big deal to me. She’s sassy, she’s bossy, and she’s never wrong. Because she’s Raven, and Raven-Symone doesn’t play that. One time Raven-Symone even came to my humble town while touring to eat at the local Cracker Barrel (I don’t know why the chain exists above the Mason-Dixon line, but we’re going to pretend that it doesn’t exist). I know this because my friend, a hostess there at the time, dove underneath her hostess table to text me frantically that the Raven Symone was being seated. So, what did the silly bitch end up ordering? Eggs. That’s so fucking Raven.

Oh, right. I guess she’s releasing some song for some new movie. It’s Jamelia-esque, and throws out some “fe fi fo fum’s;” a bold move indeed. It’s not even a bad song, as I think she has a fairly proper pop-R&B voice. Dare I call it likable?

The funniest part of this whole clip may be from the video’s lead in, in which the announcer declares that Raven’s new single will be part of the release of Disney’s new movie, College Road Trip. Which leads me to believe that Disney has been reduced to relying upon a mathematic formula:

Form of School + Random Event That Can Easily Prompt Song = Cash Cow

I can’t wait for Medical School Swimming Party. Or Graduate School Dog Show.

Hearts On Fire

Hearts On Fire

As Utada Hikaru‘s new album release date draws closer, the promotion is



Yelle was introduced to me as the French response to M

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