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Music releases have been a bit sparse this past few days, so I do apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve gotten wind of a new artist that I’m premiering on the site today. Her name is SATOMI’, and she is a Japanese singer. In J-Pop fashion, she has altered her name by adding some unnecessary capital letters and an extra dash of punctuation. I don’t know why they do it, either.

Anyway, according to her Myspace, Satomi was born in 1989, making her a mere 19 years old. Despite the age difference, the girl’s got some jazzy vocals rivaling Crystal Kay, and the lower octaves of Eri Nobuchika (who has been shelved from the J-Pop industry, despite having the largest vocal range of any Japanese artist I’ve heard yet.) Not only that, but the beats in her latest release could be straight off the recording sessions of Namie Amuro. Stomping hand-clap verses melting into sweeping, horn-blaring choruses…the song is a dance-funk treat.

DL: SATOMI’ – Innumerable Answers

SATOMI’ is a fairly new artist, so I assume I’ll be watching for further releases from her. She will be releasing “Innumerable answers” digitally on January 30. Her upcoming album is expected to be released late March.

Less Is More

Less Is More

Time for some real “Feedback

Close Up!!!

Close Up!!!

The cover has been released for Utada’s upcoming album, HEART STATION

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