She’s smizing, she’s schmitzing…it’s Beyoncé‘s new video for “1+1,” y’all!

Greased up like a cookie sheet about to get popped into the oven over at the House of Dereon, Lady ‘Yonce is looking fine, fresh and buttery yum-yum delicious in the latest clip from the 4 era.

Compared to the sheer magnitude of the “Run The World (Girls)” video/mini-epic, this shoestring budget montage of Lady Beysus throwing Tyra stares and serving drenched pleasure like an Herbal Essences shampoo outtake that just won’t quit seems a bit–err, lacking in comparison at first.

But “1+1” is a simple, sexy song, and Beysus is A FIERCE ASS DIVA GLAMAZON GODDESS lest we forget: The bitch could work it out using a HD webcam, body glitter and some Crisco (which, oddly enough, is exactly what she’s doing here.) Nevertheless, she’s killing it with those slow-mo hair flips, and she is one sexy mama after all. Sure it’s not much of a think-piece, but…I’m kind of loving the video!

I just kinda want to run up to her quickly and wipe a little bit of that moisture off with some of Ciara‘s weave, that’s all.


4 was released on June 28. (iTunes)