Daily B: Settling In Court

It pains me to update sometimes. I’m getting a bit bored with the current music scene…is there not any new music coming out to maintain my interest? I cannot listen to Kylie’s X album forever, you realize. I just want more (MOAR?). Yes, more.

Anyway, Britney’s in court. Well, her father is, anyway. And the lawyers she employed during her crazy fits over the past year. They’re fighting her dad, and her dad is fighting the legitimacy of the lawyers. I say throw them all out and hire an entirely independent conservator, free of ties with paparazzi organizations or otherwise. A lofty desire, I know. God, her boobs are gigantic in that shot. That’s what you were thinking. I heard you think it.

Her current lawyer, second cousin of Bah-bra Streisand, has released her financial report, which features Britney’s worth as only $40M. Not only that, but she appears to be involved with some financial issues with Jive and the IRS. As a personal aside, I’d like to exclusively reveal that it’s more than possible that her remaining income can be attributed solely to myself.

The Commish has doubts about the other kind of Streisand, claiming that Britney hired him during her less-than-lucid state of mind, making his appearance somewhat unfounded. And the media circus marches on!

In related news, Sam Lutfi continues to be a fame-seeking slice of lard.

So Much For Retiring…

So Much For Retiring…

Korean super-mega-star BoA has pulled a fast one on us all

Daily B: Settled

Daily B: Settled

The results are in from today’s hearing

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