You Can’t? What About Spanish?

If you’re anything like me, avid reader, then you too would prefer your Girls to be of the Aloud variety. That is why I now present to all of you the radio edit of their soon to be released single, “Can’t Speak French,” the mid-tempo booty shaker about the perils of language barriers while trying to communicate a desire to have right old romp in the sack. What’s more is that the song’s radio edit is richly layered with new drums, a thicker bass, and extra guitar riffs to add a little sass. To the right, enjoy a possible single cover featuring the Girls sporting their classic “you wanna put it in my where?” faces. No word on if it’s the actual cover or not, but that’s of little importance at the moment.

No lie…This radio edit kills the album version. Hardcore fans of the Aloud, respond accordingly and take heed of this killer edit.

DL: Girls Aloud – Can’t Speak French (Jeremy Wheatly Radio Edit)

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