Throbbing Love

Static Avenger has already amassed success as both a DJ and music producer. He’s releasing a new album, Love Song Surprise, in April. For now, here are two songs that caught my interest for various reasons. One of those being strictly Britney related.

Satellite is a song that I’m quickly starting to love. It’s an ’80’s tinged, thoughtful record full of intergalactic tics and echoey, New Orderish vocals. It’s not just another dance track; the song is meant to be something of a deeper variety.

DL: Static Avenger – Satellite

Then there’s “Sweetest Day,” which was…Britney’s wedding song! I was surprised too. It’s a fairly down-tempo, contemplative track that sounds a bit ominous in retrospect when thinking of Britney’s current state of affairs.

DL: Static Avenger – Sweetest Day

For more on Static Avenger, do as the Romans did and check out the MySpace.

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