Covers Of The World

It’s just not funny anymore. My humorous little “hypothesis” has gone from being a silly observation to stone cold fact. I fear I’ve jinxed the album cover process forever!

Pop Divas + Bad Font = Album Covers.

Case in point, hereby solidifying my thought into Law:

Don’t you ladies see?! You’re taking proper photographs and all…now decorate them conservatively! Wipe off those gradient effects, center your fonts to the left or right, and keep the focus on YOU…COME ON NOW.

Let’s tally it all up so far:

Source: ONTD

It’s a disease, friends, and we need to work together to undo the carnage. Let us band together and bow our heads in mourning of these truly trying times and keep our spirits high.

*Please do not allow the title of “pop diva” be tarnished with the mention of Ms. Simpson. She is by no means an actual “pop diva.” Her album’s inclusion is for emphasis only.



Looks like I found my new ringtone…

Late Night Goodies

Late Night Goodies

A couple different releases from very different artists with absolutely nothing

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