Today has already been a very emotionally trying day.

As you all know (and have surely scheduled into your phones by now), The Holy Spearit is about to drop the Ben Mor-directed, bullwhip-friendly music video for “Work Bitch” in a matter of mere hours on America’s most urban channel, The CW Network.

Not only that, but the Savior of Pop – Paris Hilton (my new BFF) — was set to release her already amazing Afrojack-produced comeback single, “Good Time (feat. Lil Wayne),” today. Keyword: was.


In case you didn’t already notice after refreshing the iTunes Store 20 times an hour for the entire day, it’s not there.

Plans have changed, things got shuffled, iconic puppy mansion Instagrams were posted, all the silly boys are fighting over her and the song and video are both dropping on October 8 now.

Okay, so what? Big deal. Get over it.

Since we’re already screwed, here’s a teaser for you. — 44 glorious seconds of “Good Time.” (There’s also some of Lil Wayne’s rap at the end, which is sort of jarring and spiritually unsettling, but we have to accept that this #CashMoneyRecordsPromo must happen.)

I might be a bit tipsy…but that’s okay ’cause you slay me, Paris.

“Good Time” will be released on October 8. (iTunes)