Late Night Goodies

A couple different releases from very different artists with absolutely nothing in common!

Danity Kane‘s album was strapped with an exclusive bonus track for its release in Target stores, and it plays like the chipper sequel to “Bad Girl” with the warmly tinged dance hall sounds of “Lights Out”. It’s also a lot of sass in one track. If the title wasn’t clear, they’re sick of your shit. Winner already, yes?

DL: Danity Kane – Make Me Sick

And, finally…New Imogen Heap! At last! It’s “Not Now, But Soon”, the long awaited song to accompany the latest Heroes soundtrack. It’s moody, layered, and atmospheric as usual. A purely Immi creation, though you already knew that. I’d even call the opening beat sequence a bit Björky.

DL: Imogen Heap – Not Now, But Soon

Covers Of The World

Covers Of The World

It’s just not funny anymore

Eye Candy

Eye Candy

Today’s the video premiere of Ayu‘s “Mirrorcle World”

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