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Today’s the video premiere of Ayu‘s “Mirrorcle World” and its divalicious. There are some occasional style rip-offs of her Memorial Story era videos, but she’s in fishnets and a corset for God’s sake, so let’s not get picky. While the beginning drags a bit as she vogues down the streets of France in her beret, the video picks up pretty quickly. The telephone booth sequence is pure hot fierceness as she gets all dramatic about the Matrix-like baddies trying to break in on her phone sex session. The necessary “one giant poofy dress per video” law is also well and alive here, properly drowning her in loads of fabric.

Then we’ve got the primary color-centric, sex-laden electro romp from Yelle, for the hottest single off her album “Je Veux Te Voir”. She demonstrates the proper usage of gym-related paraphernalia, the fit of several box cut mini-dresses, and her mastering of awkward hand-clap related dance moves. I don’t know, I’d never really seen Yelle perform before, but I just didn’t picture this kind of music coming out of her…she looks like such a proper little lady, it’s adorable! Oh, and do watch for the brief subliminal cameos of a Strawberry and a Banana near the end of the club scene.

Late Night Goodies

Late Night Goodies

A couple different releases from very different artists with absolutely nothing

Boob Tape

Boob Tape

Well this was a bit out of the blue, but then again…it’s Amy

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