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Album promo is so damn delicious. Check out this exclusive teaser from the track-by-track review of Madonna‘s new album Hard Candy inside of the newest issue of Attitude, which will be out on the 31st. Click “read more” to see what fashion director Luke Day and Associate Editor Matthew Todd have to say about the songs they’ve heard so far. Looks like there’s some seriously sugar coated beats in the mix. I can’t wait!

Additionally, it’s been revealed that Peter Rauhofer‘s done a mix of “4 Minutes”, which will undoubtedly be dark and booming.

L: Absolutely genius. Got to be huge. It’s got the great hand-clapping bit in the middle but it’s not a stomper.
M: Sort of delicate… picks you up and wafts you away on a pillow of windswept tears. (laughter) ’Were always at our best when we’re miles away’.
L: So far away…
M: So far away…
L: Let’s cry now. You would not be able to not clap along to this in a concert. Unexpectedly warming…
M: …which is a very Madonna thing to do. It sounds resigned. It makes you want to have a boyfriend so you can reject him so you can sing this song. (Cackle).

L: J’adore this! I’m better than the competition. It’s so drag.
M: Is this the campest thing she’s ever done? ’She’s started dressing like me, talking like me and freakin’ me out. She started reading my books and stealing my looks and lingerie, what’s that about?’.
L: (Laughs) I want to dance to this now.
M: It reminds me of Thief of Hearts.
L: Disco funk. And there’s football whistles.
M: And double hand claps.
L: Any song where she repeats a word three times – like ’she was stealing, stealing, stealing’ gets me.

L: This is unrecognisable from the leak! It’s one of the highlights. Total 80s disco. Xylophones, full on synths. Sort of thing you’d hear at Horse Meat Disco, an ’everybody get up and dance’ record.
M: Very 80s but not in a modern electro pop way. You think you’re listening to a Shalamar record and then Kanye West comes in.
L: It’s got a Taana Gardner feel to it.
M: It’s the point where she turns on the fun turbo boosters. This is the Candy. It’s too too good…
L: LOVE. IT. Especially Pharrell’s Beep, beeps.
M: It’s gonna be played in every disco in the world for 12 – 200 year olds. Could be an instant classic.

Introducing….Ready, Fire, Aim

Introducing….Ready, Fire, Aim

No, not a typo

Sexy Pop Stars, Quite Nice Really

Sexy Pop Stars, Quite Nice Really

I’m bad for not posting this for so long

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