Right Then.

Exactly how I’m feeling–The song, at least. The video’s a bit tragic, and not in the literal sense. It’s just…a very ’90’s-esque, light flashing bore-fest. But the song is all shades of wonderful for encapsulating the tear-filled dancefloor. It’s very “With Every Heartbeat”, and rightfully so, as its from the same makers. Titiyo (whose name is disappointingly neither “Titty” nor “Video”) has got a voice that borders on airy and miserable, though it’s truly nothing too special for me. Not that dance singers always have the most impressionable voices, anyway. Now is it earth shatteringly amazing? No. But, and don’t kill me for this one, I didn’t think “With Every Heartbeat” was either. Good? Oh, quite really. But as deserved of praise as it was made out to be? Not quite. That being said, the song is lush and well worth playing, so click on for “Longing For Lullabies” by Kleerup ft. Titiyo! Act quickly as the video went offline pretty soon after it was uploaded last time.

Or if you’d like, I ripped the audio from this. I’d say it’s pretty HQ.

DL: Kleerup ft. Titiyo – Longing for Lullabies

Beauty In The Dark

Beauty In The Dark

Today has been a very bad day

Psychadelic Rush

Psychadelic Rush

This may be old hat for most of you, but for some, a joyous occasion

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