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Chanel, “SloMo”: Spain’s Eurovision Entry Is the Moment

Versace…Dior…Gucci…I’m so sorry, sweeties. This year, it’s all about Chanel.

Versace…Dior…Gucci…I’m so sorry, sweeties. This year, it’s all about Chanel.

Chanel Terrero, that is.

It’s hard to believe, but Måneskin‘s sexy Italian reign is already nearly over, as Eurovision Song Contest 2022 rapidly approaches this May in Turin, Italy.

And now, a new supreme rises…en SloMo.

Following a series of rounds in the first-ever Benidorm Fest, Chanel was officially named Spain’s official entry into this year’s Eurovision.

It’s safe to say that the country is overdue for a win: their only two victories came one after the other in 1968 and 1969. They’ve also come in last five times in Eurovision history, according to Eurovision World. Not exactly a stellar track record.

But after watching this performance, you’ll see why Chanel just might break that losing streak.

First of all, for an international song competition, the cross-cultural credits on the dance-pop bop certainly feel appropriate: the track was crafted by the Amsterdam-based Arjen Thonen (or SWACQ), Brazilian singer-songwriter Ibere Fortes (of Anitta‘s “Loco”), Estelle‘s “American Boy” co-writer Keith Harris, Spanish singer-songwriter Leroy Sánchez and Canadian singer-songwriter Maggie Szabo.

It’s also a bilingual bop, bouncing between Spanish and English lyrics as Chanel cockily seduces with her Booty Hypnotic™, providing shades of Jennifer Lopez and the fuego of Eleni Foureira while doing so. Go on, take a video – it’ll last longer!

Take a video / Watch it slo mo, mo, mo, mo, mo / Booty hypnotic / Make you want more, more, more, more, more / Voy a bajarlo hasta el suelo, lo, lo, lo, lo / If the way I shake it to this dembow.

The performances are each a gag from start to finish, beginning with the fact that Drag Race España winner Carmen Farala – one of the show’s best winners – designed her sparkling Vegas showgirl-glam-matador outfit. (An absolute toot, obviously.)

It’s all stellar: the choreography, the energy, the strobe light-filled chorus – and of course, that absolutely jaw-dropping, dopamine-boosting dance break that we so desperately don’t get enough of in pop these days.

“SloMo” is the stuff of someone who’s already been running the game for years. Except, did I mention this is her…debut?

Kyle Hanagami, the choreography legend behind BLACKPINK, revealed that he worked on the performance, and detailed how it all came together on his Instagram – and just how much of a pro Chanel really is.

“This is Chanel, a brand new artist I am choreographing for in Spain. I saw her on Instagram and she hadn’t even released music. She didn’t have a huge fan base behind her, but she had talent and passion so I reached out to see if I could help in anyway bring her dreams to life. This is the product of her dream. I wanted to show that a group of very talented people could create something truly special as long as there was passion. My friend @leroysanchez wrote this banger of a song, we asked the winner of Drag Race Spain @carmenfarala, to design and make the stunning wardrobe and @district78 created this incredible dance break down for me to choreograph. I am in awe of what we created!” he wrote.

“Congrats @chanelterrero on your first performance EVER!!! If only people knew we put this entire performance together in only three days. I am so proud.”

As for our new favorite multi-talented entertainer herself: Chanel originally born in Cuba, but relocated to Olesa de Montserrat in Catalonia when she was four years old. She’s a trained dancer, clearly – she also did backup during Shakira‘s 2010 MTV EMAs performance! – and has since become a TV and movie star, and a theater queen as well, having performed in productions like Mamma Mia! and The Lion King.

And now, we can officially add “Queen of Pop” to her CV.

Here’s to an incredible showing in Italy later this year, and the start of a beautiful career in the music industry. Eat it up in SloMo, Chanel. We’re rooting for you!

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