Psychadelic Rush

This may be old hat for most of you, but for some, a joyous occasion. When D. Minogue released her super perfect release last year, Unleashed, she included a bonus track in the iTunes edition of the album called “Viva L’Amour”. It’s super slick and hardcore rock & roll, because we all know how the Minogues like to keep it–all metal, no mercy. If you haven’t had a chance to grab it at some point, you’re a poor excuse for a homosexual–and to a greater extent, a human being.

Included in this post, my favorite Dannii picture of all time. Glammy bitch.

DL: Dannii Minogue – Viva L’Amour

Right Then.

Right Then.

Exactly how I’m feeling–The song, at least

Happiness and Other False Emotions

Happiness and Other False Emotions

Welcome back, Muusers

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