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Imogen Heap is one of my favorite artists, hands down, but I’m not going to use this post as a platform to voice my affection for her multi-faceted talent. It should be known however, that she’s probably one of the greatest “true” musicians out there today. She does it all; vocals, instruments, production, and mixing. All within the confines of her newly designed in-home recording studio, which she lovingly featured in her video blogs over the summer.

It’s been a solid three years since her last album, Speak For Yourself, but she’s gearing up for a third release pretty soon. April, possibly.The dynamic of the new album is quite neat; it will be based around the sounds of her home, translated into samples for each of her songs.

For now at least, we’ve finally gotten a little treat. Imogen has recorded a song called “Not Now, But Soon” for the Heroes soundtrack. In usual form, her music tends to be grabbed by the musical directors of the hottest shows at the moment. She basically lead the trend of the O.C. / Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack buzz that went on for a year or so. But you know her from a million releases prior, so I won’t even bother. One day…one day, I shall unleash the pent up fandom. You’ll be sorry.

So go on and check out the 1:17 sample on YouTube.The song will come out in full on March 17th with the release of the Heroes OST. If this is a sign of things to come, it sounds like Immi hasn’t changed one bit.

More Dance Songs About Necessary Life Functions

More Dance Songs About Necessary Life Functions

In keeping with the dance vibe we’ve got going on, thanks to the interview

On Trains.

On Trains.

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