More Dance Songs About Necessary Life Functions

In keeping with the dance vibe we’ve got going on, thanks to the interview with Amber, I’m posting a new song that’s currently impacting the clubs. I think I’d call it acousto-electro, with shades of Junkie XL‘s ambiance. The artist is Kaz James, who accounts for 50% of the royalties from U.K. dance-duo, Bodyrockers. And yes, you’ve already heard their music.

One of their songs was in that TV commercial you used to phase out, but the chorus sort of stayed with you ever since hearing it. Don’t believe me? Go to their Myspace and listen to “I Like The Way”. No…don’t stop playing yet. It’s building–you’re going to know this. Keep going…Starting to sound creepily familiar? No? Wait ’til the chorus…It’s coming…There you go! You knew it all along! That was easy, now wasn’t it?

Anyway, the boy is a fit fox. But more importantly, he’s got a voice that could get him some serious work as a phone sex operator. It beckons, along with the strum of the guitar. Plus the track’s called “Breathe”, which is nearly always a successful pop song’s title.

DL: Kaz James – Breathe

Interview With….Amber!

Interview With….Amber!

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Very, Very Soon

Very, Very Soon

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