Interview With…Christian George!

After weeks of waiting, Christian George has finally unveiled the scantily clad, spanking new video for his debut single “Strangers,” which is currently crawling up the Billboard Dance Charts near you. Check it out right now below, but be wise…This one’s not too safe for work.

…I’m aroused. In celebration, an interview with Christian was in order to find out more about the song, the video, and the plans ahead. Read on to see what he had to say!

Hi, Brad.

Hey Christian, how are you?

Good, how are you?

I’m good. Thank you so much for calling into MuuMuse!

Oh, it’s my pleasure. Thank you for having me!

Before we get into the video, I wanted to talk about the song real quick. I’ve been listening to it all summer, I love it, it’s very instant.

Thank you very much.

I was wondering how it’s doing right now on the charts?

It’s doing amazing. It’s number 20 this week, still on the rise. Last week it was the Power Pick. We really couldn’t be more happy with the movement in the past few weeks. It’s been amazing.

So let’s talk about this video. I saw it the other day…Was that your idea?!

Yeah, I came up with the concept. My label was trusting enough to let me direct it. I’m very proud of the video because I feel like we found that happy medium. The song is very risqué. One night stands aren’t exactly a conservative topic by any means, so I was trying to find that fine line of keeping it risqué, but not tacky. That’s why I kept it very raw.

I think it was pretty unexpected, but then at the same time, you kept it polished.

I appreciate it, means a lot coming from you. It came out pretty much verbatim the way I wanted it to. We just kept it raw. The one question I always get is, “Can we see the uncut version?” And quite honestly, we didn’t shoot one for two reasons. First, out of respect for the girls who were doing the job. I really don’t want to put them out there like that. Secondly, I feel like once you do an uncut version, it really takes away from the mystery of the first version.

Oh absolutely, that’s the whole point of the video.

It takes the whole excitement out of what’s under the black bars away.

No, I definitely agree, it would be pointless to show it uncut.


So how long did the shoot take?

It was a one day shoot. There was a good amount of preparation that went into it and I was fortunate enough to have some of the best video people working with me. First being the producer Chris Sararo, a kid I grew up with in Pittsburgh. It’s kind of like our friendship and working relationship came first circle with him producing my first video for me. Then there’s the director of photography Keith Leman, who’s huge in the photography world, now making his mark in the video world as well. I was very fortunate to have him shoot the video for me. He worked on my album packaging with Patrick Hoelck, one of the biggest photographers in the world. He shot all of the artwork for the album.

Speaking of, how’s the album coming?

The album’s great. I plan to put it out now…It’s done.


Yeah, but until we do that. I’m just continuing to record. I just recorded a masterpiece that could be one of the best songs on my record.

Just now?

Finished about three days ago.

What’s that called?

It’s called “The Future.” It’s about a girl. Like a way of saying I want to be with you for the rest of my life, you know, “You’re the future, you’re in my future.” It’s really great.

Possible future single?

Yeah. I mean, all the songs on my record are possible future singles. In a humble way, I really feel like I have no album filler on my record.

That’s when you know you’ve got a good album.

I started making this record several years ago. As I result, I’ve got about a zillion songs. Each song that we do sets the bar that much higher for the next one. These songs I’ve been doing for the past few years now have been nothing short of masterpieces in my opinion, so we’re looking forward to putting out the record.

How about the sound? Is it going to be dancey like “Strangers” or do you have a mix of sound going on?

There’s a consistent flow to the record with the contents. It’s all very honest and indicative of the way I live my life. The main thing about this record is it’s very honest. I’ve allowed myself to be very vulnerable–That’s what keeps the record consistent. There are some different sounds going on with the record…There’s a lot of dance. I’m a dancer, so of course there’s going to be danceable music, but there’s also a lot of soul in the record. Not so much as in urban music, but in the sense that it came from a soulful place. It came from my heart…it’s a piece of me. That’s what keeps it consistent. It’s a nice little collage of music. I couldn’t be more proud of this first record, I really couldn’t.

It really sounds exciting, I’m looking forward to it! To end off, any upcoming events going on?

I’m performing at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City on August 9th-10th, a show at Jones Beach’s Beatstock at the end of August 23rd-24th and “Spotlight” in New York City on September 18th with Mike Rizzo. He actually did two fantastic remixes of “Strangers” on the single.

Yeah, the remixes are awesome on this.

You know, I’ve been doing music for as far back as I can remember. For this to be the first thing to be put out…it couldn’t be going any better. It’s a little overwhelming to be honest with you. You work so hard for so long to get that recognition; keeping the faith that it’s going to happen and that it’s going to be great. You really don’t how good something is until a perfect stranger contacts you or writes a positive review and you say, “Wow, it’s really happening.”

And now you got it.

And now I got it!

Well, I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for calling into MuuMuse. I’m excited to see what you’ve got going on next!

Thank you so much Brad!

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