A Different Kind of Discipline

Pioneers of semi-radio friendly industrial music, Nine Inch Nails have been quite busy since their contract with major label Interscope Records expired. Within the year, Trent Reznor and Co. have released a two disc Ambient, Electronic, Rock, Industrial CD entitled Ghosts I-IV, planned a United States tour, scheduled an appointment with Lollapalooza, reorganized their fan club to be free of cost, and shocked their fans less than 24 hours ago with the radio release of their new track, “Discipline,” which is currently available for a free download on the band’s official website. Along with the free download, you can head on over to the band’s official remix website, download the multi-track of the song (for free, of course) and create your very own mix.

Casual fans of rock music know Nine Inch Nails’ for their dark, depressing, and what some would argue to be “weird” music. However, “Discipline,” which sounds like a mix between the band’s With_Teeth and Year Zero albums, contains an infectious percussion which could easily be plugged into a dance beat, synths and distorted guitar sounds out the ass, and perhaps Reznor‘s most radio friendly vocals and lyrics to date. For the rock and pop world, this is perfection. The only downfall of this song is that Janet Jackson (who released her album Discipline earlier this year) is absolutely no where to be heard on this track. Which is a surprise, considering how pop it is.

The song’s album artwork features five square boxes with a circle around the third box. Speculation assumes that a five song EP will be released soon, and that “Discipline” will be the third track. To help this theory, when you click the properties of this song and read the comments section, it reads “Go to nin.com May 5th.” Trust me, readers, once you download this song, you will be just as a rabid fan as the rest of us are, and you’ll be refreshing the band’s website on May 5th over and over again waiting as impatiently as you can for NIN’s next surprise.

Download “Discipline” from www.nin.com
Get the multitrack from http://remix.nin.com/

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