Janet Jackson: Throb

I’ve done a whole lot of “new” lately…Let’s take it back.

Last night, I put in Miss Jackson‘s Janet. album, poured myself a tall glass of red wine, and got down with myself while cleaning up the apartment. Though I don’t remember much past the first few moments of mopping, I do know that my home is now sparkling clean.

Though I wish I knew where the mop went.

By the mid-90’s, following in the footsteps of the rest of our favorite ’80’s pop titans, Miss Janet decided it was finally time to shed that sugary sweet skin and start moving into the realm of pure, unadulterated smut (Thank God.)

Released in 1994 and produced by Janet’s golden hit-makers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, “Throb” was only officially released in The Netherlands. “Throb” managed to climb all the way to #66 on the Hot 100 Airplay Charts and #2 on the Hot Dance Club Play Charts in the US.

“Throb” is a ’90’s purist’s house track, featuring classic dance rhythms and beat breaks. The track swells and deflates in an aching, circular motion–not unlike a musical orgasm.

Primarily a horn-heavy affair, the song is a much grittier experience than the slinky seduction of the similarly timed “Erotica” from Madonna (though equally obscene as Grace Jones‘ 1993 #1 dancefloor smash, “Sex Drive”!) Surprisingly however, the track has aged brilliantly, and listening to it now is still an overly enjoyable experience.

Beware: Sex moans ahead.

Kids, this ain’t your mommy’s “Let’s Wait Awhile.”

DL: Janet Jackson – Throb (Sharebee)
DL: Janet Jackson – Throb (Morales Badyard Club Mix) (Sharebee)

Click here to purchase the album, Janet.

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