Daily B: Changes

A little insight into the current recording sessions with Larry, via an exclusive interview with US Magazine: Britney Spears returned to the recording studio this week with former manager Larry Rudolph.

“We went into the studio, but it was just for fun – nothing more,” Rudolph tells Usmagazine.com of their visits to a studio in Burbank, CA Monday and Tuesday.

Spears, 26, has not been in a recording studio for the past year, a source tells Us.

“She just wanted to go in and tinker around,” the source says. “She sat at a piano and got some ideas. She played the piano and sang a bit. She enjoyed herself.”

Spears played old and new tunes, the source says, adding, “she wanted to go in as a way to get her creativity going. It was a really positive experience for her.”

Spears and Rudolph, who produces MTV’s Rock the Cradle, “are not at the stage where they are talking business yet,” nor is this studio visit the start of a new project, the source says.

B has also been working on her fitness (I’m her witness). Just yesterday, she went to a vocal coach’s home.

All signs point to clarity. Be well.

Don’t Tell ‘Em What You Know About Me…

Don’t Tell ‘Em What You Know About Me…

Alas, my latest Swedish delight to stumble upon!

Getcha Sweep On

Getcha Sweep On

It’s Lady M-Dolla, wielding a very different sort of pole than the one she

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