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Hello, my name is RJ and I’ve been recruited by Brad to contribute to the content of Muumuse. But what he doesn’t know is that I will be making countless entries promoting my own electronic music (click here. Add me, I don’t bite.) Not really, I’ll either be screaming about how stupid your favorite celebrities are, or posting about things you’ve probably never heard before. Lets kill two birds with one stone and start this entry.

As someone who has been obsessively following the biggest selling girl group of the 90’s since I was 12 years old (18 now), I feel it is my duty to dedicate my first post to one of the members of TLC who has been trying for years to get her solo career together.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has put her fans through a lot of waiting. She’s been working on her album for three years and is currently without a record label. Occasionally, she’ll head down the street in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia to premiere exclusive tracks to radio stations as a way to keep the fans informed that she is still working hard.

A couple days ago, she played another track and today, the song has leaked in almost CD quality. I obviously downloaded it. However, when I went to find this track on my computer so I could upload it for all you fine readers, it took me five minutes to realize that I had moved it from my music folder to the recycling bin. How “Dumb Dumb Dumb” of me.

With lines like “You and me could’ve been like Nintendo. You tried to block Wii? You ya gotta be a dumb, dumb dumb,” riding over dark low-budget synth track, its pretty obvious that this radio release is yet another let down from a girl who was one-third of the pioneering group used to set trends, break barriers, and push the limits of urban music. The relentless male bashing that made TLC who they were is still as vibrant as ever on this work and the fact that she worked with underground producers Battery5 shows that, even fifteen years after the group took to Billboard charts by storm, the girls are still interested in giving up and coming producers a chance to work with them, instead of just knocking on Timbaland’s door and asking “Whats up?”

To best sum up this song, If I had to choose between:
A. Being locked in a room with this song blasting for 48 hours straight.
B. Being forced to endure being attacked by a pack of lions.

I’d pick neither and settle for a classic TLC track called “So So Dumb”, off their fourth album 3D. It’s the only non-stupid choice. (Sorry, Chilli. I still love you.)

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DL: Chilli – Dumb Dumb Dumb
DL: TLC – So So Dumb

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