An End to Physical Format?

So while I was doing my spinning at the gym today, I saw a headline flash across the television screen that read, “iTunes Overtakes Wal-Mart to Become No. 1 US Music Retailer.” As I watched the talking heads debate the story, I immediately thought to myself, “Are my calves getting bigger, or is it just my imagination?” And then I thought to myself “Wait a minute…iTunes–wha?”

iTunes…Meaning digital production has officially topped its physical counterpart in popularity. Is this not a potentially monumental moment in music history? Not to say that anyone’s particularly surprised in the least, but that the physical to digital turnover has been empirically confirmed? I’m surprised this hasn’t been covered…That being said, the survey didn’t cover sales revenue, but rather units sold, meaning that iTunes is more popular but not necessarily more profitable. It doesn’t really matter though because if the CD slump continues, online consumption will undoubtedly be crowned the main profit bearing format as time goes on. For anyone who is interested in reading the full article, it’s right here.

I guess the revolution is finally starting to show.

Flesh-Eating Madonna

Flesh-Eating Madonna

And now for something completely related, the video for Madonna‘s “4

So Far Away

So Far Away

I know thirty seconds of this song have already leaked, and I know it’s

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