Flesh-Eating Madonna

And now for something completely related, the video for Madonna‘s “4 Minutes (To Save The World)”! I guess I’m not really sure where to begin with this video. The concept is, clearly, that geometry has taken the streets and begun to rue the world, blob style. As much of a horror buff that I am, I was truly turned off by the whole “skin eating” aspect of the evil blobber. The effect seemed a little bit cheap, a little bit lame, and a bucket load of unnecessary. And please watch out for the one scene at the beginning between the kissing lovers–you’ll think twice about making out once you watch the tongue action go down muscular system style.

Now, Madonna looks sexy as hell, and Justin‘s a fox as usual. Their dance-offs gets a bit weird at times, I suppose. And, supplying the necessary fan criticism, I personally believe her chemistry with Britney was superior to that with Justin.

Particularly excitable moments for me included: shoe wear, the general act of disrobing, and jumping into and out of old cars. Oh yeah, and those two misplaced Asian street dancers on top of the red car, who added an extra touch of brilliance.

The introduction was also slightly epic. No, not Timbawhore counting down to himself for a full thirty seconds, but Madonna’s eventual entrance: strutting across the dining table in those ferocious boxing lace-up kickers. And of course, there’s that whole treadmill/checkout aisle dance-off, though I couldn’t help but think we’ve covered this territory already with the Reinvention Tour.

I wish there weren’t as many opportunities for the Queen to spread her legs, but I guess she’s entitled at this point. It just gets a bit silly sometimes.

I generally like parts the video…though I’m not impressed. It’s a bit shit overall. Does that make sense? Maybe. Ready, go!

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