Gaga 4 Gaga

I saw her promotional video hitting my favorite blogs, but I decided to remain silent until her video sprung up. And all at once, I get it.

She really does have it down. The vogueing, the high fashion, the imperfect perfection that is so deliciously now. Lady Gaga is the latest purveyor of all things dance pop and trendy electro trash. She’s a little bit Kylie, a little bit Peaches, and a whole lot of hot mess fun. Check out the brand new video to her single, “Just Dance,” an unapologetically forward ode to…well, dancing. I guess you saw that one coming. I could have said crocheting, you know.

Above is the video. It’s honestly perfect for the song, and I’m quite addicted to it. Hot pants, disco lights, and trashy, sloppy romps through fashion and fun with a new surprise around every frame. I’m not kidding…I’ve already played it three times! I love that mini-breakdown dance at 1:30, personally. This song and video combination is love. Addicted. Can’t wait to hear more from Gaga when the debut album The Fame hits this summer.

For her promotional video, watch below!

Lorraine–Still Kicking

Lorraine–Still Kicking

It’s been like three years…and I’m still avidly awaiting the

More Electricity

More Electricity

Full of Electrocute goodies today!

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