I Got All The Boys…

Time for a little update, man style.

The first song comes to us by Matt Pokora, from his newly released album, MP3. For those unfamiliar with the sexy French singer, you’re missing out. Yeah, his style’s constantly compared to fellow lady-chaser Justin Timberlake. Well actually, some say he’s a blatant rip off. I could see it. But you know what? That’s not important once you look at him. If only I had a pictu–Oh, well, look what I have here:

I knew that would come in handy. Now, “Catch Me If You Can” is a pretty standard Timba-track, full of stuttering beats and a distinctly Indian, vintage feel, but it’s also quite addictive. Maybe it’s from the use of Timba’s “borrowed” clips. So listen to this one. Be sure to stare at the photograph at the same time–it sounds better in this way.

Then there’s David Jordan, a bluesy singer under Simon Fuller’s 19 Management, who was acquainted with some nobody at the time named Amy Winehouse. Apparently she got nice and famous and entered into what we in the industry like to call “a case of the nutters.”

That being said, I must reaffirm my conviction in the belief that the quackier a pop star becomes, the more likely it becomes that I will adore and/or idolize. So ladies, get to gallivanting.

David however, has not shown up outside wearing nothing but some overalls and smeared lipstick (give it a week), but he has produced a rather beautiful song called “Sun Goes Down”. It’s bluesy, though it soon bursts into a ripping, folksy funk-down. It’s like “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” with testicles and talent.

And finally, as David (Of the MuuMuse variety, not the singer) alluded to yesterday, the New Kids On The Block have returned to the Block. But unlike Jenny’s return (Do they know each other?), this one’s actually pretty nice. The backtrack is all tingly with warm synth noises which blend nicely with their whispered vocals. Slippery with seduction, “Click Click Click” makes you melt for the moment, only to compose yourself upon sight of this photograph:

AHHHHHHHHHH. Quickly! Scroll back to Matt Pokora! Mmm…

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DL: Matt Pokora – Catch Me If You Can
DL: David Jordan – Sun Goes Down
DL: New Kids On The Block – Click Click Click

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Criticism: M-Dolla Style

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