Criticism: M-Dolla Style

There’s been a slew of reports coming in from the exclusive listening sessions of Madonna‘s upcoming album, Hard Candy. From PopJustice!, an 8.5 out of 10. Marc Andrews of ArjanWrites says it should be filed next to her 8th album Music in terms of quality, and the BBC got all snobbish about it. So far, the overall verdict is: “Hey!! This is kind of…Oh. Nevermind.”

Apparently it’s the first few tracks that are the real hard hitters with a whole lot of promise, followed by a mess of not-so-greats. Shame really, as the titles at the end (“Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You”, “Spanish Lessons”) are quite pleasurable to the ear. Can’t judge until I hear it, though. Just three more weeks! In the meantime, a picture from PopJustice! of the album cover, jellybean style.

Well, I’m impressed, anyway.

New Kid On The Block

New Kid On The Block

No, not the band, as let’s face it, that reunion isn’t exactly going

I Got All The Boys…

I Got All The Boys…

Time for a little update, man style

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