If anyone ought to lovingly lead us into 2018, it might as well be the Queen of Coney Island and Casual Witchcraft herself.

Miss Lana Del Rey‘s hopped on a BØRNS song called “God Save Our Young Blood,” the opening track off of the 25-year-old singer-songwriter’s forthcoming sophomore record, Blue Madonna, due out later this month.

BØRNS basically dominates the delivery on the duet – it is his song, to be fair – while Lana provides her signature breathy purrs and sighs throughout, like a lusty back-up singer riding shotgun on a coastal joyride.

Thematically, the track’s not entirely unlike Lust For Life‘s “Love,” or any of Lana’s nostalgic odes to youth, romance, long drives and blue skies. Together, the duo gets drunk off each other, and Mother Nature, while sending dreamy prayers up to God(ney) to have mercy on our sorry souls.

God save the ocean, God save the breeze / Save the words from my lips, save the birds, save the bees / Baby save me one last sip while you strip on the beach / I’ll save you in the waves if you swim too deep.

A prayer for saving the planet? Not the worst way to kick off a new year, especially given the State Of The World. (God save us all.)

While you’re at it, get into “I Don’t Want U Back” from the upcoming BØRNS album as well. It’s one sexy kiss-off.

“God Save Our Young Blood” was released on January 2. (iTunes / Spotify)