Sugary, Glittering Synth

Supplying an all-out type of frantic energy that only pico-pop can supply, the girls of Perfume formed their group back in 2001 in their hometown, Hiroshima. The J-Pop group had a shaky start with a slew of independent releases. However, their persistence paid off after a couple of years. Relying upon crashing crescendos, synthesized scaling, and vocal distortion beyond all reality, Perfume shot to fame with their fifth (tenth overall) single, “POLYRHYTHM” after the song was attached to a Japanese recycling campaign in 2005. With the help of Capsule‘s production, the song became a smash hit, allowing the band to deliver chart topping hits ever since.

Now, the girls are gearing up for their second major label album release, entitled Game, which will be out on April 16. Their sound may be interpreted as too childish to some, too processed for others, but for true appreciators of pico-pop, look no further.

For a preview of an upcoming track, check out this radio rip of their song “Secret Secret”.

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DL: Perfume – Computer City

Feeling High

Feeling High

Here’s Namie on Music Fair 21 promoting her new single



Look everyone, it’s Cassie, the R&B one-or-two time dark dancefloor

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