Jamelia Makes Inexplicable Comeback on ‘The X Factor Ukraine’


There’s something in the water in Central Europe these days.

Last month, the ladies of t.A.T.u. miraculously reunited out of nowhere to hold hands and exchange longing glances once more on the stage of The Voice Romania. It was a glorious day for all true lovers of pop music. And now, X Factor Ukraine has gone ahead and randomly resurrected another pop legend: Jamelia. Yes, Jamelia.

Now, Jamelia’s obviously a household name in the MuuMuse residence, but for those who’ve somehow gone this far in life without becoming properly acquainted, allow me to break it down.

Jamelia is a UK R&B-pop princess of the naughties (is that really what we’re collectively calling the ’00’s? I mean, fine), best known for Top 10 smashes like 2003’s “Superstar,” 2004’s “Thank You,” and 2006’s (VERY AMAZING) “Something About You.”

As with most middlingly successful R&B-pop princesses, her discography is largely underrated–including her third studio album, Walk With Me, which topped out at a tepid #20 on the charts in 2006. After her single (IRONIC TITLE ALARM) “No More,” along with a poorly received greatest hits compilation (Superstar: The Hits), she was dropped from her label, Parlophone in 2007. And apart from inking a new record deal in 2010 and releasing a decent, dubstep-infused track called “Loving Me” last year, she hasn’t really been heard from since.


Last week, Jamelia showed up on stage with X Factor Ukraine contestant Alexei Smirnov to perform her otherwise amazing, Depeche Mode-sampling “Beware of the Dog.” And, it was–well, it was exactly as you’d expect a Russian-speaking reality TV contestant singing a song in English with a British pop star who’s been mostly out of the limelight for about 5 years to sound: Real awkward.

Along with “Beware of the Dog,” she also performed her 2004 Sam Brown cover–the Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason soundtrack #9 smash, “Stop.” Why “Stop” of all of her songs? What’re you asking me for? I don’t know why–I don’t know why any of this is even happening! I’m as confused and alarmed as you are!

She’s not playing around with those earrings, that’s for sure.

And so, that happened!

I have no idea. Let’s just hope that this random appearance–along with her upcoming gig as a judge on The Voice Ireland next week–means that Jamelia is slowly but surely beginning to officially break back into the music scene in 2013.

After all, if we’ve learned anything on the stage of a reality TV competition in the past year: Anything could happen.

So, who’s next to appear out of nowhere? Your move, Slovakian Idol.

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