Night Of The Living Dead–Gone Glam!

Well then…Lookee here, it’s Róisín Murphy‘s long awaited video for the fourth and possibly final single off Overpowered, “Movie Star.” Shot as a homage to classic John Waters films, the clip features the likes of several rambunctiously rotund lady men, a slew of unconventionally pointy costumes, and a giant lobster with a libido like no one’s business. It’s weird and nonsensical, including all the same tasteless ingredients that made Waters films so sinfully delicious to begin with. By the clip’s end, Murphy and crew have gone mental, turning into a pack of high fashion zombies and prowling the town in full glam mode.

Garbage, but perhaps it’s the right amount of ludicrousness to drive the song up the charts a bit. I’m sure the forums are aflame with complaints about the video’s cheap look and horrible plot line but frankly speaking, if “You Know Me Better” didn’t work for the general population, then I just don’t know what will. It’s worth a shot at least!

Don’t Stop The Sampler

Don’t Stop The Sampler

Thanks to a quick hint, hint, nudge, nudge from my good friend over at XOLondon,

Slave To The Jones

Slave To The Jones

Calling Jean Paul Goude–Grace Jones is back, and this

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