Don’t Let the Rose Tinted Glasses Fool You!

Alright, taking this show from the East to the West, I’m moving on to an artist that will never be given due credit, even though she may have one of the best voices you’ve never heard. Anastacia is from America. More specifically, Chicago (The Windy City, don’tchaknow?). You’d never guess it now, but she made it big by appearing on a pre-Idol type of talent show called The Cut on MTV back in 1999, where she didn’t even win (second place). However, she still landed a deal. Besides a handful of club songs that every gay knows from birth (I’m pretty sure you’re born with them, but maybe it’s Maybelline) such as “I’m Outta Love,” she’s only famous in Europe. Figures. I actually discredited her for ages because her album cover art and her general appearance made her seem a bit like a hoochie mama, Britney rip-off. What, me judgmental? When I finally gave her a listen for whatever reason, I was absolutely blown away. And also excited that I found a true belter that could also be a sexy mama (CELINE, I don’t mean that you’re not sexy too, WAIT!! Sing for me. SING FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD.) But I swear, her voice is up there with the best. It’s just darker.

Anastacia’s voice is the stronger, better version of that of Megan McCauley, if you’ve seen her on Perez’s blog. It’s deeper than you would ever imagine, and I have to admit, I had to replay “Left Outside Alone” about three times before I accepted that the song was not off pitch. Her songs are often rockish with a tinge of pop soul. Anastacia refers to her songs as “sprock,” which I believe sounds more like a Soviet satellite. They’re also often tinged with whiff of lady empowerment, which is always my weakness. Down with the man, am I right?

Her album from 2004, the self-titled Anastacia, is one of my favorites still. It’s full of gems, including “Left Outside Alone,” “Sick and Tired,” and “Heavy on my Heart.” Right now, she’s been on musical break after being diagnosed and recovering from a breast cancer diagnosis, which is in remission. She is said to be returning to the music scene soon. In fact, checking her Wiki, it appears that she’ll be holding a press conference any day now to confirm the new album! For now, her music shouldn’t be ignored any longer, so take advantage of these. Can you tell that I’m not home to upload the tracks?

“Heavy On My Heart,” a heart-wrenching ballad (2005).

“I’m Outta Love” The one all you gays already know. If you knew this and you weren’t gay, you’re gay (1999).

“Left Outside Alone” Fucking AMAZING angry song (2004).

And finally…it’s a duet with Celine, singing “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC during the Divas special in Las Vegas. And if Celine + Air Guitar Solo + Interpretive Dance + Midriffs + COWBELL isn’t the best thing you’ve ever heard in your life, you’re probably better off not reading this blog. P.S. Does anyone else think Celine is the spitting image of Kathy Griffin in this performance?

Please be sure to buy Anastacia’s self-titled third album,Anastacia at Amazon.

Photoshoots and Teddy Bears

Photoshoots and Teddy Bears

Aww, look how cute she is!

Watch Me Crank It, Watch Me NOOOO!!!!!!!

Watch Me Crank It, Watch Me NOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh, dear

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