Daily B: Heating Up

After spending a few days causing chaos on the beaches of Costa Rica, my darling Britney has arrived back to the States. She’s been seen shopping(!), smiling(!!), and recording music(!!!). Don’t forget, she’s been visiting the vocal coach for the past couple weeks now, and even Larry has accompanied her to the studio. Reports from PEOPLE indicate that she is indeed recording for a new album (J.R. Rotem has apparently been working her and calling her a “master of what she does” and all that excitable nonsense), but the record is still at its “experimental” stages as she looks for a new sound. She’s going all Björk this time, I just know it. But just in case she doesn’t do that, I’ve written a short letter for her “people” to forward onto her.

Dear B,
O hay gurl! Please record your Ray Of Light/Impossible Princess now. I know it wouldn’t actually be that deep or experimental, but you had a hand in “Everytime” and look how that turned out? Then again, you had a hand in “Dear Diary” and look how that turned out. Anyway, make it happen. If you’re unwilling to do that, then go listen to “And Then We Kiss,” and churn out 12 tracks that sound similar, if not exactly the same.

Your number one fan,

To The Left, To The Right

To The Left, To The Right

Start moseying over to DrownedMadonna now to get exclusive screen caps of the

Introducing…Doe Deere!

Introducing…Doe Deere!

Much to my deepest chagrin, I neglected to look into the musical repetoire of

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