Introducing…Two Door Cinema Club!

Here we have Alex, Kev, and Sam, the three young lads that comprise the Two Door Cinema Club.

The boys enjoy banging about and making music together.

“Something Good Can Work,” their debut single in the UK, is the result of such things.

They look a bit like the Jonas Brothers, if the Jonas Brothers were English and a bit of a trendier affair.

They sound a bit like Jason Mraz, if Jason Mraz were English and more of a indie-rockier affair.

Mix it altogether, and you’ve got yourself a pleasant concoction. As you can see above, the boys have already begun to get started on that.

Well done, boys.

DL: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Sharebee)

Love it? Then go love them some more on their MySpace.

Get Into The Groove…

Get Into The Groove…

Groove Armada is back!

Daily B: Phone Me In

Daily B: Phone Me In

Let’s talk about phonography, shall we?

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