So sorry about the lack of updates lately. Really I’m not, but it looks better to say that I am. I’ve just returned back from school, and I’ve decided that my room needs renovating. My chi just doesn’t flow like it used to here. My chakras are all unaligned, and I just can’t see out my third eye as well as I used to. Therefore, I’m introducing some negative space into the mix. A new workspace for a new me! And all that.

So what’s new in the world of Muuse? Not much, really. It’s actually a time of reflection here…for once I’ve been dwelling on the same albums, producing the same amount of content. It’s a strange feeling for me…content-ness. I’m not a fan. I remain highly amuused by the album releases of Santogold, Martha Wainwright, and Charlotte Sometimes. This has yet to change, and is causing a certain degree of anxiety from within. Sam Sparro‘s? Not so much.

After only three weeks, I’m completely over Madonna‘s Hard Candy, and have deemed it completely forgettable.

Needless to say, I’ll be attending the sugar lady‘s Sticky & Sweet Tour in October.

The new Cyndi Lauper song “Same Ol’ Story,” in its non-live-screaming-fan version, isn’t so bad, but it isn’t actually “good.” It’s just fine. Sadly, the use of the word “fucking” is not in reference to any form of intercourse, thereby hindering any amount of brilliance the song may have redeemed itself with upon first play.

The b-side to Lorraine‘s current single “When I Return To The World,” called “Beyond Sky,” is a little bit self explanatory, as it’s over-the-moon good. It’s a heavenly orchestral composition that lazily floats by with a killer addictive chorus, so don’t miss it. You can hear it now at their MySpace!

After two weeks, Lady GaGa‘s “Just Dance” still pawns. Hard.

So does Lindsay‘s “Bossy.” Forget who’s singing for the moment if it offends your sensibilities.

And that’s that, for now at least. Yes, I know–there’s nothing new here. Deal with it until something new slips through the cracks!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

Quirky Beauty

Quirky Beauty

I made a little Muusical faux-pas tonight, mentioning the album but forgetting

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