People know I love me some Lohan, from the Mean Girls days to the drinking days, to the coke days over to the rehab days, and back to the coke…so it comes as no surprise that I’ve always taken a liking to the redheaded firecracker’s singing career as well. Her voice isn’t too special, though thanks to the hard partying and whatnot, she’s got a rather delicious rasp to those chords.

It’s been said that her latest album, expected later this year, will be purely focused upon dance rather than the pop/rock she’s since been delivering. Tonight I’ve finally got some confirmation of the genre swap in the shape of a 1:30 minute clip (which must be floating around on the radio hit rating sites right now). Anyway, watch below to hear it! ‘Tis called “Bossy” (Sorry Kelis, not referring to you at the moment). The track’s got a pretty sweet vibe, some decent echoey vocals, and a thick, throbbing beat. Sure, it’s a damn standard dance track. But Lindsay’s one of my muses–my cokey, cokey muse. I can’t help but feel a wee bit…inspired. Go baby, go!