Rouge, the Brazilian equivalent of the Spice Girls, are back – and they’re in the mood to dance. (And so are the actual Spice Girls. Clearly something’s in the water.)

For those not yet acquainted: Rouge first formed 16 years ago with the help of Popstars. (Perhaps you’re familiar with another girl group that formed that same year on the same show in the UK: Girls Aloud.)

Following smashing success with their debut and sophomore records, leading Rouge to become the most successful girl group in Brazil, the group went through a very Spice-like situation, as lead singer Lu Andrade decided to leave the group. They carried on without her, but as is always the case, their momentum slowed significantly. The group called it quits in 2005 – but it wouldn’t last forever.

After a comeback attempt in 2012, which was stalled due to battles with their former label and management, the girls are finally back in 2018 for real, this time with a new record deal (Sony Music Brasil), a new single (“Bailando”) and all five members back in action. It’s a true pop girl group dream come true – and further proof that the gay agenda is real.

“Bailando” is a fierce return to form, crafted by frequent Anitta collaborator, Umberto Tavares. The girls all look incredible together in the accompanying music video, serving up bunda-shaking choreography, ample attitude and coordinated couture (it’s like Spice-meets-Beyonce “Love On Top”-meets-Aloud’s “Sexy! No No No” all in one go) as they take command of the dance floor once more. Que rico!

We love a comeback.

“Bailando” was released on February 6. (iTunes)

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